About us

About us

The company was founded for development goals especially in the field of agricultural and livestock production, where we have a farm to produce vegetables in the green houses. This farm is one of the oldest farms in Qatar. AL Adekhar Agriculture Company is member of Taleb group of companies. Also we are working in the field of landscaping, flowers and ornamental plants. Our dedicated staff works with clients every step of the way to ensure that customers receive the services they need and desire. We value customer relationships.
Taleb Group was established in 1955 by the family of Mr. Taleb Al Khouri. In QATAR then presently establishing the Agriculture and landscaping company sector of the group. Al ADEKHAR FOR Agriculture and landscape The company one of the exclusive and professional landscaping company in QATAR. With our professional staff recruited from different branches of this industry, having exclusive range of project executed in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. With the enthusiasm of the Group to established the sector of agriculture and landscape company they combined all their know ledge and resources to provide this growing industry demand in QATAR, with the best of what it needs. The company is capable of executing the multifaceted project though the co-ordination and inter relation among the affiliated companies that from the company.

Chairman Message

By endlessly striving towards our commitment of integrity, fidelity and customer satisfaction in all areas of our operation, we have achieved unprecedented growth during the past few years, with increasing turnovers year by year. in a market that is becoming increasingly consumer driven and as organizations vie to give the best of products and services to the customer , the rigorous methods adhered in all our operation has certainly helped us stay focused with the growing customer expectations , thus creating an overall impact on the nation’s motto .In this context , I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the emir , his highness sheikh Hamad bin Khaliah al Thani , our valuable customers and all my colleagues for their continuous support in achieving our dreams . I am proud to say that Qatar has carved a unique place in the global map. Over the past few years, the country has gone on tomould its economy into one of the fastest and sturdiest in the world. I promise, that we, on our part will continue our dedicated service and support , aimed at continuous development of the country..

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