Management System

Management System

Al Adekhar for Agriculture and landscaping company has a technical staff experienced Engineers in various positions and skilled labours and manpower, we are showing different sections under the management of Al Adekhar for Agriculture & landscaping.

We have sites management from the best and highly qualified Engineers for each section to look after every individual project.

Our Company can also handle projects on a turnkey basis pro design stage up to the final execution of the work as called for.

Our company a professional design office for landscaping.

Our Company have a knowledge for the QS / QA Professionally.

Our company have an ISO’S Certificates we are following H S E professionally


  • Quality Policy

Perfect teamwork to provide high quality services to our valuable customer as per their requirements on time, every time.


  • Objectives

  1. Quality checking at every stage.
  2. To become zero complaint organization on our services.
  3. Immediate action upon client’s complaints within 24 hrs.
  4. Adoption of update know how for the enhancement of performance.
  5. To create and maintain a culture of quality within the group.
  6. To ensure that all our employees are training is ongoing at all levels.
  7. To meet all legal requirement.
  8. To provide all necessary to achieve the required level quality.
  9. To provide documentary evidence of all quality control measures.
  10. To continually review, improve and implement quality control and best practice.
  11. To seek feedback from our clients as to the level of quality
  • Environmental Policy

The management and staff are committed to provide quality product to its customers though continual environmental improvement and prevention of pollution in all areas of work with in environmental system.

The guiding principles to implement the environmental policy will be:

  1. Compliance with applicable legal & other requirement identification, implementation, and monitoring of all legal and other requirements related to trading, including NEQS.
  2. Training and awareness on environmental issues provide relevant training and awareness to employees as well as other quarters of society to improve environmental and industrial awareness at all levels of work.
  3. Continual Improvement in EMS. Introduce and effectively implement the system of continual improvement. In the company by establishing smart environmental objectives and targets. In all functions and areas of work At Al Adekhar for Agriculture and landscape. Ensure suitability and continuity of EMS.
  • Health & Safety Policy

  1. Ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees in safe working methods before the assumption of duty.
  2. Ensure that t5he organization is a safe place, and environmental, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of work to prevent risks to health or safety
  3. Promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of everyone to avoid and prevent health hazard and injuries to the selves and to others who may be effected by their acts or omissions and to co-operate with the organization to comply with its duties, requirements and statutory obligations.
  4. Ensure the use of defensive driving techniques by car drivers and machinery operations.
  5. Ensure that safety is a line management responsibility.
  6. Monitor effectiveness of safety policy.
  7. Display and publicized this statement and review it at least biannually