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Agriculture Products

Vegetable farming is the growing of vegetables for human consumption. The practice probably started in several parts of the world over ten thousand years ago, with families growing vegetables for their own consumption or to trade locally. At first manual labour was used
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Animal Production

We are one of the largest owners of productive farmland in South America. We currently own over 127k hectares and lease nearly 50k hectares each year for the production of a wide range of agricultural commodities including soybeans, corn, wheat
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The Company has a farm and a nursery for the production of date palm. We have the best kinds of dates in the state level and we have also varieties of the best and good date palm. The Company has many kinds of ornamental palms like washingtonia palm .
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A lot of folks need their daily nicotine. Business gurus will tell you that meeting needs is a great way to profit. Though you can’t legally sell your own homemade cigarettes right now, there may come a day when regulations fly out the window and the free
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Customer Reviews

"Thanks to the guys from Farmland, we have always fresh produce on our table. Their fast services are second to none! Highly recommend!"

Brian Benson

"Working with this agricultural company has been a great pleasure for me! I've been ordering their great produce, grains and nuts for my grocery for years, and the quality has always stayed up very high!"

Arthur Arnolds

"We have consistently used innovative production techniques to ensure that we are at the forefront of technological improvements and standards in our industry."

Mike Long